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Tours and excursions in Kamchatka

ToursТ.01. Kamchatka Motifs

Т.01. Kamchatka Motifs

    This tour has gathered the very best of Kamchatka! We offer you to visit the gems of the peninsula - the Mutnovskiy volcano, its neighbour, the Goreliy volcano, our "home volcano" the Avachinskiy, the top natural wonder of Russia - the Valley of geysers and finally, last but not the least, to boost your adrenalin levels there is a breath-taking rafting tour on the Malkinskaya Bystraya River. This programme is classical as it has been thought over thoroughly and it embraces all must-see sites of the peninsula.


ToursТ.02. Tour to the Tolbachick volcano

Т.02. Tour to the Tolbachick volcano

    This tour gives you an amazing chance to see "The Land before Time". The Ploskiy  Tolbachik volcano has been erupting since November 2012 and is unlikely to give up. Right in front you the geological history is befalling - lava currents, volcanic bombs, puffs of smoke and ashes - doesn't it sound majestic and exciting at the same time? Those who have already seen it are a loss to describe their feelings. Those who have not made up their minds yet - don't miss your chance, because you will never forget this adventure. And for dessert the gem of Kamchatka and of Russia - the Valley of geysers together with unforgettable rafting tour and cultural exchange with Kamchatka natives.

ToursТ.03. Gold Legends of Kamchatka

Т.03. Gold Legends of  Kamchatka

    Gold legends of Kamchatka is an experience that calls for special attention. This tour is peculiar not only because it combines the best routes and best sites, but also due to its careful planning. The Valley of geysers, steaming and charming, together with space-like caldera of the Uzon volcano bring the tour to the highest standard. Rafting tour on the Bystraya river maintains adrenalin level extremely high. The Kurilskoye lake with its furry inhabitants - brown bears - never lets anyone indifferent. And last but not the least, marine tour along the Avacha Bay (the 2nd largest bay in the world!) that turns any tourist into a skillful fisherman.

    This tour is indeed legendary and it is worth trying.

Hunt and fishingР.02. Rafting and fishing tour on the Zhupanova river.

Р.02. Rafting and fishing tour on the Zhupanova river.

    If you are keen on fishing, extreme activities and wild nature, this tour is designed especially for you! Kamchatka turns out to be so versatile and hospitable and ideal for ecological tourism. We invite you to spend holidays of a lifetime on the Zhupanova river, abundant in fish and to admire pristine Kamchatka nature. Don't put off this unforgettable adventure!

Hunt and fishingР.01. Fishing on the Zhupanova river (accommodation in a tourist camp)

Р.01. Fishing on the Zhupanova river (accommodation in a tourist camp)

    Comfortable residence on the tourist camp in a picturesque place will make one's dream come true: the chance to watch the beginning of a new day with a cup of hot steaming tea or coffee and then to set off for idyllic fishing. To live on the river bank, to fish in abundance, to chill out, to sense unity with pristine nature - that's what we offer you to do.